Homeowners and Related Insurance

Your home is probably the largest single asset you own and you need to protect it properly.  You need enough coverage not just to pay off the mortgage, but to rebuild and replace the home at today’s increased costs.  You also have to replace your belongings, some of which can be quite valuable, such as:

  • Jewelry
  • Fine Arts
  • Electronic Equipment, such as computers, home theaters and cameras
  • Guns

These types of items can be placed on personal article floater which can insure them for a specific individual value, separating them from other personal property valuation.

We know that not everybody owns their own home, which is why we offer other options. We have competitively-priced renters policies to protect those who rent against loss. We also have insurance plans for condos and rental property insurance for landlords. For all our customers, we compare plans from a variety of carriers to get the best policy for you. If you have a farm, we can design a policy to cover farm homes, buildings, equipment and livestock, along with a many optional coverages to tailor your policy to fit the needs of your farm or ranch and your budget.

In addition to the broad property coverage which the Homeowners policy normally covers, if needed, your Homeowners policy can be expanded to cover such issues as back-up of drains & sewers, earthquake, sinkhole collapse and mine subsidence.

Although the Homeowners policy covers many natural disasters, it doesn’t cover flood.  We offer the standard, federally subsidized flood insurance policy but also have access to a private flood market which, if your property is eligible, may offer coverage at significantly lower rates.

In this age of social media and electronic transactions the broad liability protection of the Homeowners policy can also protect against the costs of identity theft. It can further protect against libel, slander or defamation of others through oral, written or electronic publication (email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

To augment the liability protection of both the personal auto policy and the Homeowners policy, we can provide a Personal Umbrella policy which can extend your liability protection by up to $5 million in a single policy. We believe that, in this litigious society, the significant coverage provided by the Umbrella is necessary.